Monday, February 24, 2014

Trenton’s NAACP Membership Drive, 1950

Trenton’s NAACP Membership Drive, 1950
Trenton Evening Times, APR 21, 1950

Ozzie Robinson and Mrs. Catherine Gass, named membership chairs of 1950 member drive of National Association of American Colored People (NAACP)

Dr. Charles A. Broaddus was chairman of Executive Board.

Executive Board Members:

Carl Leftwich
Rev. Harry R.l Pine
Miss Addie Weber
 Clifton Lynch
Miss Mattie McDonald.
Miss Daisy Adams
Rev. P. Allen
Mrs. William Anderson
Mrs. Samuel Bagley
Mrs. Medline Broaddus
Mrs. Patricia Buck
George Cole
Joseph Collins
Miss Thelma Goode
Mrs. Vera Hancock
Mrs. Edna Harvey
Mrs. Gladys Hedgepeth\
Rev. E.H. Holes
Miss Evelyn Hudson
Miss Mildred Green
Mrs. Edna Hurley
William R. Jackson\
Mrs. Virginia Clayton
Rev. D. M. Owens
Mrs. Marie Peters
Robert Queere
George Thomas
George Wilson
Charles Williams
Dr. Arthur Thomas
Rev. S.H. Woodson.