Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Afro-American Council 1907

Afro-American Council 1907 

The Evening Times, dated, May 7 1907, described the proposed discrimination case of Rev. J. L. Burton, pastor of Union Baptist Church, recently denied service at the “Capital,” apparently a store that refused service to Negroes.

The Trenton Chapter of the Afro-American Council met at Mt. Zion A.A.M. Church on N. Willow Street to plan a court action.

Rev. James E. Roberts, pastor of the Church, presided over the meeting.  Also seated on the rostrum was Rev. Allen.

Favoring pursuit of the claim were Gilbert Franklin, Edward Stevens, Rev. Mr. Allen, E.W. Johnson, and George Lucas.
The council appointed a Chairman: Rev. James E. Roberts and a Treasurer: George Lucas. It also decided to expend $25 to get the proceeding started.

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