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Rev. I.W.L. Roundtree

Rev. I.W.L. Roundtree 
Mt. Zion AME

Rev. I.W.L. Roundtree became the pastor of Mt. Zion AME church in 1906. Immediately, he became involved in the welfare off the African-American community. He retired in 1931.

A, leading Republican , the party of Lincoln, Roundtree became an alternate delegate to the National Republican Convention. And was active in elections touting the Republican Party.

Rev. Roundtree was instrumental in developing the Bordentown Manual School to develop salable skills for blacks to enter the labor market.
The Evening times, February 13, 1908, records his praise of the present Republican Administration under Teddy Roosevelt.  

Rev. Roundtree was a great supporter of the Bordentown Manual School for Boys to which the Times attests in June 18, 1906 and July 10, 1908.

However, in June 18, reads in set-back in Rev. Roundtree’s career:

Outspoken, Rev Roundtree endured the wrath of his council and was transferred to Cape May
However, he kept his residence on Trenton and returned in to Mt. Zion the next year.

In very good graces, another news article in 1916 indicates the ministerial conference, his governing body, its totl confidence.
In 1918, Rev. Roundtree was named to a labor job for the Federal government.

As late as 1931, Rev. Roundtree continued his campaigning for Republican candidates. (See Times March 8, 1931)

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