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HISTORY® features Black History Month

HISTORY® features Black History Month programming and online content

HISTORY Classroom and feature study guides, video clips, and other resources for Black History Month lesson plans, projects, and activities.

First To Fight: Black Tankers of World War II, Monday, February 3, at 6am/5c
The 761st Tank Battalion made history during World War II as the first African American tank unit to see combat. Over the course of 183 straight days on the front during World War II, their unit helped liberate more than 30 towns under Nazi control. This is their incredible story, with first-person interviews with members of the 761st.

Honor Deferred, Thursday, February 6 at 8am/7c
More than 1 million African Americans served in WWII, fighting valiantly on the front lines and throughout the ranks. Yet despite their bravery and courage both on the battlefield and off, not one of the 432 Medals of Honor awarded during World War II went to a black soldier. Fifty years after the war, the US Army investigated why none of these Medals had been awarded to African Americans. Honor Deferred explores this investigation and the stories of the seven men whose acts of heroism were finally recognized in 1997.

A Distant Shore: African Americans of D-Day, Thursday, February 6 at 9am/8c
Nearly 2,000 African Americans were among the troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy during the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. Many of their stories have been neglected in the dominant histories of D-Day, yet their contribution is unquestionable. In this moving 1-hour documentary, seven African American men who fought through D-Day share their gripping stories. This program describes the ways African American soldiers put their lives on the line abroad even as they struggled for equal rights at home upon their return. 

Double Victory, 2 Parts, Monday, February 10 and Monday, February 17, at6am/5c
This special documentary tells the story of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, the first African American aerial unit. These brave pilots fought against fascism overseas while paving the way for the Civil Rights Movement on the home front.
Check out Black History Month resources.
Read more about African Americans during WWII.
View the Double Victory classroom guide.
Special Content: American Freedom Stories
Alabama Civil Rights Video Series

Many of the pivotal moments of the modern Civil Rights movement in America took place in Alabama. In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus, sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott that ended segregation on public transportation. In Birmingham, the Civil Rights struggle shocked the world when children were violently arrested during the Children's Crusade of 1963, and four months later four little girls were killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. And, in 1965, protestors of all races joined in solidarity in the 50-mile march from Selma to Montgomery to demand African Americans' right to vote.

About the series:
This video series highlights the roles of everyday people in Alabama who were involved in the Civil Rights movement. These individuals often risked their safety for the broader goal of achieving equality. Many firsthand participants are interviewed in these videos. Their perspectives provide powerful stories of struggle and change. Since many of those who participated in the Civil Rights movement were either students or children at the time, these videos are particularly useful for the classroom, giving students insights into the roles young people played in bringing about change.

Watch the video series online.

Curriculum Links:
These videos would be useful for history, social studies, civics, politics, Women's Studies, African American studies, ethnic studies, media and film courses. They are suitable for seventh-graders and above. Note to educators and parents: Some of the content included in these videos may be intense and difficult for students to watch so we recommend that adults watch the videos before recommending them to students.

The Gabby Douglas Story
Saturday, February 1 at 8/7c

How do ordinary people achieve extraordinary goals? The Gabby Douglas Story , a Lifetime® Original Movie, tells the remarkable story of how Gabrielle Douglas defied the odds to become a two-time Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics at the young age of 16. Featuring actual footage of her incredible Olympic performances, Gabby's inspiring story comes to life in this film. Raised primarily by a single mom who has been her biggest motivator and supporter, Gabby was determined to excel in gymnastics despite many challenges along the way. But how did she accomplish her dream, becoming the first African American to win individual all-around gold and the first American to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions in gymnastics? This film tells Gabby's Olympic tale, a story of sacrifice and triumph, sportsmanship and teamwork. It provides a great road map for young people to think about how to "Raise the Bar" in their own lives and in their own communities.

Curriculum Links:
The Gabby Douglas Story is an inspirational film suitable for sixth-graders and above. It is a good fit with social studies, current events, physical education, and sports and society courses, among others. It is also a great film for after-school programs and activities.

View the education guide.

Watch a preview.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Afro-American Council 1907

Afro-American Council 1907 

The Evening Times, dated, May 7 1907, described the proposed discrimination case of Rev. J. L. Burton, pastor of Union Baptist Church, recently denied service at the “Capital,” apparently a store that refused service to Negroes.

The Trenton Chapter of the Afro-American Council met at Mt. Zion A.A.M. Church on N. Willow Street to plan a court action.

Rev. James E. Roberts, pastor of the Church, presided over the meeting.  Also seated on the rostrum was Rev. Allen.

Favoring pursuit of the claim were Gilbert Franklin, Edward Stevens, Rev. Mr. Allen, E.W. Johnson, and George Lucas.
The council appointed a Chairman: Rev. James E. Roberts and a Treasurer: George Lucas. It also decided to expend $25 to get the proceeding started.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rev. I.W.L. Roundtree

Rev. I.W.L. Roundtree 
Mt. Zion AME

Rev. I.W.L. Roundtree became the pastor of Mt. Zion AME church in 1906. Immediately, he became involved in the welfare off the African-American community. He retired in 1931.

A, leading Republican , the party of Lincoln, Roundtree became an alternate delegate to the National Republican Convention. And was active in elections touting the Republican Party.

Rev. Roundtree was instrumental in developing the Bordentown Manual School to develop salable skills for blacks to enter the labor market.
The Evening times, February 13, 1908, records his praise of the present Republican Administration under Teddy Roosevelt.  

Rev. Roundtree was a great supporter of the Bordentown Manual School for Boys to which the Times attests in June 18, 1906 and July 10, 1908.

However, in June 18, reads in set-back in Rev. Roundtree’s career:

Outspoken, Rev Roundtree endured the wrath of his council and was transferred to Cape May
However, he kept his residence on Trenton and returned in to Mt. Zion the next year.

In very good graces, another news article in 1916 indicates the ministerial conference, his governing body, its totl confidence.
In 1918, Rev. Roundtree was named to a labor job for the Federal government.

As late as 1931, Rev. Roundtree continued his campaigning for Republican candidates. (See Times March 8, 1931)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quiz on Famous African America Trenton Activities

Quiz on Famous African America Trenton Activities

Do you know where Frederick Douglass lectured when he visited Trenton in 1864?

Where Willie Mays boarded on Spring Street while playing for the Trenton Giants in 1950?

What was the
club where Trenton 's African-American jazz musicians played during the 1920's?

Mt. Zion A.M.E Church was chartered in 1816!

Trenton had segregated schools until 1944!

Trenton's African American population increased by 2,000 during World War 1.

When did Shiloh Baptist Church begin?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Al Downing

Al Downing

Al Downing, born in Trenton, NJ, attended Monuments, Cadwalader, Junior #1 and Trenton Central High School. HE was President for each of three years at TCHS. He lettered in basketball and baseball and was Vice-Resident t of the Forum Club. He attended Muhlenberg College.

Signed with the New York Yankees in1961, he made the major league roster by July of that season. In his first full major league season, 1963, Downing went 13-5 with a 2.56 earned run average for a Yankee team that went 104-57.

Downing was 9-5 with a 2.66 ERA and made the All-Star team in 1967.
He was traded to the Oakland Athletics in 1970; in 1771, the LA Dodgers. Winner of 20-games, he earned NL Comeback Player of the Year honors as well as finishing third in NL Cy Young award1971.
Altogether Al Downing –played 17-years in the Major Leagues.

Downing served as a color analyst on Dodgers cable-TV broadcasts from 1984-87 and on Dodgers radio in 2005. He also broadcast for CBS Radio in the 1990’s, and the Atlanta Braves in 2000. As of 2006, he remains on the Dodgers Speaker's Bureau.

He is an honoree in the Trenton, Mercer County and New Jersey Hall of Fame.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

African-American Population as a Percentage of Trenton's Population - 1810 - 1970

African-American Population as a Percentage of Trenton's Population - 1810 - 1970 

1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900
Total Population 3002 3942 3925 4035 6461 17228 22874 2'9,910 57458 73307
Colored/Negro/African-American 435 800 612 441 526 675 805 1376 1732 2158
Percent of population 14.5 15.2 15.60. 10.9. 8 1 3.9 3.5 4.6 3 2.9
1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970
Total Population 96815 119289 123356 96,813 128009 114167 104638
Colored/Negro/African-American 2581 4315 8057 9308 14479 25.638 39671
Percent of population 2.7 2.9 6.5 7.5 11.5 22.5 37.9
Exerpted from Data compiled by Gary Nigh. Data for 1790 and 1800 were omitted due to unavailability

Saturday, January 4, 2014

African-Americans in 1935 Trenton Census

Spring Street Historic District
Spring Street Historic District became an African American middle class hub during the 1920s through the 1950s.

Spring Street emerged in the 1930s as a predominately African American middle class hub. The two block section located between Calhoun Street and N. Willow Street was the center of business for the African American residents of Trenton. Notable individuals who lived in the area included – Civil Rights attorney Robert Queen and New York City’s first African American mayor, David Dinkins.
The section is comprised of two to three story, frame and brick dwellings. The houses in the eastern section of the district were erected before 1870 and include a number of Italianate-style dwellings.
During the 1940s and 1950s, The Negro Motorist Green Book was published to assist African-American travelers to find accommodations during the era of segregation. Locations for shelter included two tourist homes, one restaurant, a beauty parlor, and a barber shop, all located on Spring Street.
Two important sites on Spring Street were the YMCA Community Branch and St. Monica’s Episcopal Church.
Picture of Spring Street Historic District below:


YMCA Community Branch

YMCA Community Branch located on historic Spring Street

The YMCA Community Branch of Trenton was established in the 1930s after lobbying by prominent African American leaders living in the spring street district. Civil Rights attorney Robert Queen led the effort, pushing Trenton YMCA to open the branch after the community pooled $1,000. The building was constructed in 1880 and is located at 105 Spring Street. It became the third location for the Community Branch in 1938. In 1944, the branch was moved to the Carver Center (originally Sunlight Elks Lodge). 105 Spring Street is now a private residence for sale.

Address: 105 Spring Street, Trenton NJ, 08618


WEST END AV, from 474 W State 
to Edgewood av—P-10
1 Vacant store 
Pressman Samuel 
Kaplan Josehp
2 Sykes Market 
Bancroft Percy 
rear Aller George W
3 Thompson John
4 Dorothy Lee Flower Shop 
Blake Eva Mrs
5 Vacant
6 Vacant
7 Garvey James 
Connell John
8 A & P Store 
9 Cohan Benjamin
10 Crooks Alex S 
12 Best Henry F
14 Dallard Ellen Mrs 
Kramer H
16 Haltmeyer Beauty Parlor
18 Vacant
20 Ellis Georgie B
22 Leonard Pansy
24 Rice Elwood A
26 Bulwell Fred
28 White Lewis
30 Schenck Frederick
32 Goines Elmer
34 Johnson Samuel
35 Anderson Robert E
36 Jensen Hilmar L (Pastor of Baptist Church)
37 Harget William
38 Moore William
39 Allen Charles
40 Carter Robert
41 Vial William
42 Gillam Edward
43 Carrell Lewis
Montgomery p1 Intersects
44 Colvin Oscar T
46 Stewart Harry H
48 Hill Hart
50 Nixon Helen
52 Lyons Emma Mrs
54 Hutchins Ruhama Mrs
56 Rivers Charles
68 Howard Lizzie
60 Johnson Nettie
62 Moulton John
64 Phillips Harry J 
66 Bell George
68 Redules Amos H
69 Peters Samuel J conf
70 Peters John
71 Roberts Daniel
72 Haywood Herman
73 Thurman Samuel
74 Thomas Mabel C
75 Purol Gasoline Station
100 Tattersall Co coal & bldrs sup 
Fisher to West End av—P-12
6 Newlin Charles W
8 Dunstan Annie Mrs
9 Steward Edward
10 Rodman Harry H
11 Williams Thomas It
12 Bullen Joseph Rev
13 Vacant
14 Vacant
15 Conrad Ulles
16 Corbin Richard
17 Adgar William
18 Johnson Thomas
19 Watson Reed
20 Sallie Abram
21 Elliott Raymond
22 Richardson John G
23 Tiggett Humphrey
24 Walker Lule M Mrs
25 Pugh George W Rev
26 Kaufman Ellen
27 Vacant
28 Lee Minnie Mrs
29 Vacant
30 Reavis Mary Mrs
31 Kemp Agnes L
32 Peters Raymond
33 Davis William
34 Vacant
35 Harvey Martha Mrs
36 Scarborough Thomas
Lytle Jas A
37 Smith James 
39 Mack Henry
41 Michael Charles Rev
42 Thomas Dennis
44 Talifero Carrie Mrs 
Yarbrough James

SPRING, from N Willow to Prospect
14 Brooks Irving restaurant
15 Nicholson M Inc grocers
16 Finkle Fannie confectioner 
Finkle Samuel
Vacant store and apt 
18 Vacant store
20 Sluka John shoemake r
21 Stephan Thomas T
22 Miller Hugh J
23 Anderson William
24 Dixon Thomas
25 Palmieri Frank
26 Twiggs Leslie Mrs
27 Dillon John
28 Jonas James
29 Thompson Edward
30 Christian Clarence grocer 
Roberts Juanita dressmaker
31 Roundtree Arthur
Fowler intersects
33 Thomas Arthur L dentist
34 ScarboroughC F dentist
35 Desanctis Giulio shoemaker
36 Gibbs Jonathan C physician
37 Desancti Giulio
38 Lewis David
39 Hearn William
40 Hill Henry
41 Higgins Emma Mrs
42 Bowers Jennie dressmaker
43 Vacant
44 Zelley James R Jr
45 Young Edward
46 Little Jesse 
.47 Heater Frank
48 McDonough Elizabeth drs'mkr
49 McCarroll Mary
50 Kiernan Patrick J
51 Clark W
52 Coles William It
53 Milgaten Nathan grocer
54 Meyer Amalia Mrs
55 McCoy Andrew
56 Cash Pearl E M Mrs
59 Claflen Henry Jr
60 Hayes Napoleon
61 Vacant
62 Garland Elizabeth Mrs
63 Lyons Aloysius F
64 Patterson Charles
65 Robison Walter E
66 Vacant
67 Vacant
68 Brown George
69 Combs Fannie Mrs
70 Queen Robert
71 Boone Philip
72 Booker John
73 Hermes Leo B
74 Spencer Emma Mrs
75 Randolph Clarence
76 Dabney Nathaniel
77 Harris Anna
78 Washington Catherine
79 Adams Harold
224 Stephenson Lawrence
225 Parrish John L
226 Russell James T
227 Closson Grover B
228 Southard Abram H
229 Butts James
230 Kenney Edward J
232 Young Herbert
233 Johnson Kate B hairdresser
234 Stout Margaret Mrs
235 Heran Herbert
236 Howell Albert J
237 Waldron Augustine
238 Mara Augustine
239 McGrory Mary E Mrs
240 Convery William J 
242 Stewart William J
242 Jummel Frank P
243 Wikoff John A tinsmith
244 Wriggins Thomas P
245 Bellisfield Earl B
246 Fell Julia E Mrs
247 Bonin J
Hill John J
248 Bell James B 
Robson Alice realest
249 Wilson Elizabeth Mrs
250 Dwyer Stephen
251 Fineberg David L
252 Bellinger Harry 
254 Haws George
256 Dignan Winfield S plumber
258 Martin Paul
260 Bennett George L paperhngr
261 First Church of Nazarene
262 Bennett Ella B Mrs
263 Moke Cora L Mrs
264 Meytrott Cornelia B
265 Buckley Edward J 
Vandegrift Warren H
266 Herbert J Edward 
269 Slotterbeck Hannah
White intersects
80 Shephard George
81 Mayo Nelson
Dinkins William H barber
83 Clarke Clifford A 
Gilliam James H
Kafer al intersects
84 Wismer Albert B electrician
86 Vacant
87 Smith Catharine conf
88 Morris Leroy physician
89 Conover Leila
90 Maize William S
Winter intersects
91 Crosley Lefone
92 Kucker Edward W
93 St Monica's Church
94 Griffin Christina
95 Rambo Harry
96 Walsh John J
97 Wheeler George
98 Morrison Simon
99 Vacant
100 Cannon G Edward
101 Wilson Alonzo
102 Cannon Eva Mrs restaurant
104 Doles Willia B Mrs
105 Green Frances II Mrs
106 Lawshe Wilford B antiques
107 Overton John M machinist
108 Thornton G
109 Bellinger Clara Mrs
110 Hayling William S physician
111 Lee Isaac N
112 Tabrom John
113 Teeter Elijah R H
114 Blackwell Belle Mrs
115 Nichols Virginia Mrs
116 Vacant
117 Potts Elmer H barber
118 Skirm Samuel S S
119 Delaney Patrick J
120 Holmes Allen 0
121 Firman Edward J
122 Saunders John I tailor 
Saunders Thomas G
123 Mills David F
124 Morton Kenneth
125 Taylor Wilfred 0
126 Vom Harler Elizabeth bty shp
127 Still Jesse
128 Stapleton Katherine T
129 Paglo Michael shoemkr
130 Freeman C Sumner
Cogdell II G real est
131 Mason R. Lowell physician 
133 Grant Ellen Mrs
136 Kilvington B F conf •
137 Newsome Squire J undertkr
138 McCreevy John
139 Marsh William H
140 Harbourt Harrison
Harbourt's Drug Store
141 Duffield J Maynard grocer
Calhoun intersects
201 Walton Bros grocers
202 People's Bakery 
Parsons Elizabeth Mrs
203 Walton J Rodman
204 Sweeney Andrew E
205 Louderback Laura A Mrs
206 Hunt Herbert S
207 Cruse David
208 Clancy Michael J
210 Brown Harry S
211 Lawrence Samuel
212 McGuigan Julia Mrs
213 Graves Theodore
214 Ritter Albert F
215 Vacant
217 Hughes Anna M nurse
218 Brown Harry
219 Palmer William
220 Vacant
221 Louden George A
222 Cobine John A
223 Russell James A 
333 Morgan John V
335 Kimble Mary J Mrs
McManus Alice nurse
347 Hanzsche William T Rev
SPRUCE, N W from N Y av to
Princeton av—G-15
534 Janowski John
536 Ryba John grocer
Pennsylvania av intersects
601 Ryba Michael
602 Mydlowski Alice
603 Mazruk Anthony
604 Mydlowski Alice bakery
605 Graham Otis 
609 Simon Peter 
611 Dworak Martin
618 Gronostaski Anthony
619 Ryczkowski Joseph
620 Slevoski Frank
621 Pietras John
622 Waiseta Vincent
624 Glonek Joseph
626 Bogacz John
628 Dennis Stephen
631 Kraus Leopold J varieties
Ohio av intersects
702 Fagan Edward
704 Cohen Robert
705 Forczak George
706 Taybac John
707 Yaros Stephen
708 Foster William 
710 Wolnski Anthony 
713 Murray Mary Mrs 
718 Malizwski Bernard 
720 Nebzbala John 
722 Bole Hugh
724 Kowal Peter
725 Fitzpatrick William
726 Vollmar Joseph
727 Palejszyk Adolph
728 Dura Joseph
729 Dedo Michael 
731 Buckley Frank S
Indiana av intersects
801 King John J
802 Hoffman Frank
807 Moran Thomas
809 Taylor George 31
811 Smith Frank J
813 Eagle Joseph P
816 Zielonka Josephine Mrs
818 Vacant
819 Hanson Jennie Mrs 
Reiker Charles
819Ih Federico Benjamin shoemkr
820 Galiarda Agostine barber
821 Paszkiewicz Walter
823 Kisthardt Henry
824 Johnson Albert
825 Ziegler Peter
826 Stercula Roman
Brunswick as intersects
827 Harney George
Stout Sarah Mrs
829 Swatkoske George
831 Saunders Albert M
834 Dogostine Arline grocer
838 Coombe Edward F
Christopher C H
840 Olbrys Bernard
844 Milutis Frank
845 Digaetino Marco
846 Collins Bernard
847 Brown Anthony T
848 Vacant
850 Stryker William
859 Przeimeinsky Frank
860 Notta John
861 Stuller Joseph
862 Rathkowski Johanna Mrs
863 Reedhead Elizabeth Mrs
864 Young James
Ellis av intersects
866 Mehalyak Rose Mrs
868 Chmielewski Albert grocer
870 Ozrwsky Alex
872 Jukowski Antonin Mrs
874 Dostal Michael P
876 Barretta Salvatore
878 Drescher Karl
880 Voscek William
882 Kelky Timothy
884 Seefelt Walter
886 Sypniesky Ludwig
888 Bac George
890 Wind Michael
909 Holsneck Russell
913 Vacant
915 Wszolek Ignatz
917 Krasak Joseph
921 Tysowski Anthony
Tysowski Joseph real est

FOWLER, N from 30 Spring to 
Bellevue av—O-15
5 Day Charles
6 Vacant store
7 Van Harler William H
9 Pigeon Levett
10 Spratley Annie Mrs
11 Saunderson Lily Mrs
12 Davis Curtis
13 Turner Selina W
14 Purcell John garage
15 Jones Fannie Mrs
Summer intersects 
P R R intersects 
Belvidere intersects
30 Myers David
32 Rice Theodosia Mrs
43 Evans Clarence
44 Elks Home
Braxton Thomas barber
45 Richardson Daniel
46 Coles James
47 Moulton Jennie Mrs
48 Davis Mark 169
FOUNTAIN AV, N W from 497 
Princeton av to Reservoir—
11 Respertorio Joseph shoemkr
12 Mercer Wholesale Drug Co
Ivins al intersects
13 Carson Ella
15 DeFileppa Samuel
17 Viglione Frank grocer
18 Combs Mary Mrs
19 DeBlasio Angelo
20 Cifaldo Clara
22 Fyffe William
23 Burns Katherine Mrs
24 Perillo John
25 Parson Emma Mrs
26 Bamboo Michael
27 Whelen Mary Mrs
28 Driver Reginald
29 Schipski Augusta Mrs
30 Driver Robert T
31 Mattia Emelio grocer
33 Yocko Stephen
34 Salomsky John
35 Arnone Anthony
36 Servise Frank
37 Christinger Charles
38 Saunders Roy 
40 Morris Edward 
42 Noll Henry
45 Adams Nellie
46 Galullo Martin
47 Ullrich & Sons undertakers
48 Beatty Harry 
50 Andreole Ernest
52 Dolton Leroy P
53 Hillman Theresa Mrs 
55 Trayner Peter 
57 Kraft Mary Mrs
59 Ficca Nicola
60 Meyers George
61 Fahey Delia Mrs
62 Hibbert George
63 Woldanski Joseph 
65 Vacant
67 Vacant
104 Walker Romer
106 Howard Frank
107 Barnes Owen
108 Weiger Joseph 
110 Sooy William B
112 Harris Thomas J
113 Lanning Annie Mrs 
115 Duncan James 
117 Klein John
119 Vacant
120 Nangle Clifford 
Hughes George B fish
121 Geter Florence
121 % Lapera James
122 Pallotti Leo
123 Constance Carl
123 % Defeo Antoinette
124 Costa Gregorie
125 Schroeder Stella conf
126 Hale Ida Mrs
128 Cruse Clarence
129 Vacant
130 Jones Alex
131 Eggert John L
132 Williams Gladys
133 Lee Henry
134 Lane Emma
135 Tucker Pearl
136 Leftwick Albert
138 Logan Philip H G
139 Mathis Frank H
141 Russell Harry
143 Bellett James
149 Fearen Ivan tavern 
151 Covington George
153 Jones Isaiah